A. Will the sauna fit in an average household room?

Yes! Our saunas are designed with household living in mind. Our two and three-person saunas are perfect for any average-sized room. Even our four-person sauna, which has been designed to fit in the corner of the room, can fit pretty much anywhere.

B. How does the sauna arrive? And how about the package?

All of our saunas will arrive to you directly from our factory by shipment. They will be delivered in two or three cartons one containing the roof and base of the sauna, the other containing the wall and its electrical equipment.

C. How often should I use the sauna?
It is recommended that you use your sauna 4-6 days a week for fifteen to twenty-minute intervals. As you become used to the daily sessions you may increase the time to thirty minutes if you feel comfortable.

D. How can I pay for my sauna?
Youngy Health makes it quick and easy for you to purchase your sauna. We accept T/T, L/C and some other major credit cards as well as the option to finance any of our models.

E. How hard is it to assemble the sauna?
It’s not hard, it’s easy! All of our saunas can be assembled in under half an hour. Follow the simple instructions provided with the sauna and you will be relaxing in your unit in no time.

F.Do you offer any warranties?
Youngy Health offers one of the best warranties in the business. We cover all the craftsmanship and heater for the life of the sauna. We include a five-year warranty on wooden parts and a year warranty on electrical components.

G. Are there any hidden costs that are piled on at the last minute?
Youngy Health gives you the lowest prices for luxury saunas compared with the same quality sauna on the market and we won’t hit you with any added expenses.

H.Can I store my sauna outside?
Youngy Health recommends that you install your sauna inside. Our saunas are crafted with 100% Western Red Cedar or Canadian Hemlock and can handle the rigours of outside life. However, they are not designed to withstand outside elemments, especially inside CD and other electrical components.

I.Will I feel Infrared energy?
Infrared heat will penetrate your body as you relax in the sauna, but you will not feel any difference. You will notice a comfortable warm environment that induces the sweat glands to react. If you have ever bathed in a traditional steam sauna you will immediately realize how much more easy it is to breath and how comfortable the surrounding air is. After your sauna session has ended you will feel the effects of Infrared radiant energy. Your muscles will be rid of all tension and stress and you will feel a total sense of warmth and relaxation.

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